Gold, silver, blue, shiny, temporary, metallic, tattoos! It’s fashion. Shiny, accessories, creating your own unique style !!!Improvise on every night out by wearing them…

On the back, arms, feet, chest, nails, neck, all over your body …from morning till night in cafés, clubs, parties, beach, pool, social events such as weddings, baptisms, in all your daily activities!

Star such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alessandra Ambrosio wear them and use them as special accessories.

Wear them easily, they are resistant to water and affordable price.

It’s for every woman…

 How to wear them …

Follow these simple steps

1. Cut out the design you want to wear.

2.Remove the transparent film that protects it.

3. Place the sticker on your skin

4. Moisten with water and press for 30 seconds

5. Carefully remove the paper.

6. Wipe gently.

DONE !!!!!